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Time to Face the Muzik

Meet Drae' Humphrey C.E.O

Audio Engineer, Drae’ “Xquisite” Humphrey, earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Audio Production at Full Sail University. 

Enrolling at Full Sail University provided Drae’ with necessary skillsets of the industry and put him in the right direction of creating his own Audio Production Service company "Face THE Muzik LLC". He excelled in courses, The Fundamentals of Music, Audio post-production, Recording Principles and Mixing Techniques; developing a trained ear for harmony, melody and rhythm of music. Having acquired the knowledge of basic audio signal flow and session management, his mixing techniques allow him to shape high quality mixes and smoothly blend sounds. Now that he’s able to perform the production process, he can finally create exquisite sounds, thus giving meaning to his name “Xquisite”. Face The Muzik, “F.T.M”, is the brand born from that ambition and stands for facing your problems head on. Music is a great tool to express emotion by understanding more of yourself and allowing yourself to release you deepest truths to the worlds. 

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