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Recording Session

This Service is per hour and include; A recorded mix & mastered bounce mp3/wav file of performance recorded during the session. 

(Max party members 3) No weapons. 

  1. Record:    Focals of artist performance and specific attention towards vocal cleaning and level                                     adjustments.  

  2.  Mix:       Focus point on your mixing process (volume, balance, effects, tricks etc.)        

  3.  Master:  Focus point on your mastering process (volume, eq, balance, finalization etc.) 

  4. Return:   Than we name track and send it as bounce Mp3.  320k bit | 44.1 khz. 

(Hourly Rate)

Overnight Mix & Mastered

Client can pay a fix price per song for extra touch up of the track after session is over. project will be mix overnight and sent by email. Email track usually done within 24 hours no later than 3days. 

  • Overnight Mix&Master                                                                                   | $35

(Flat Rate)

Special offer

  • Radio Edit; cleaning out profanity.

  • Steams; .wav files of individual

     tracks in mix ( vox only, verse, hook, beat, etc )

  • Show Mix             

  • Advance audio edits

        Chops, Reverse Fades, Pitch Shift, Etc 

  • ​Concerts Promo       

| $25 per song

 | $5  = Per Steam

 |$35 = Every 5 min



Delivered Mix and Master

Clients can email me session to be Mix & Mastered for a fix price. 

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(Flat Rate)

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