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Overnight Mix & Mastered

Client can pay a fix price for Session Per Song. The song will be emailed back to them rather than a hourly session.

  • Overnight  Record                              | $35

  • Overnight Mix                                    | $50

  • Overnight Master                               | $50

  • Overnight Record & Mix                   | $65

  • Overnight Mix&Master                     | $75

  • Overnight Record Mix&Master        | $100

(Flat Rate)

Special offer

  • Radio Edit; cleaning out profanity.

  • Steams; .wav files of individual

     tracks in mix ( vox only, verse, hook, beat, etc )

  • Show Mix             

  • ​Concerts Promo       

| $35 per song

 | $2  = Per Steam

 |$25 = Every 5 min


Delivered Mix and Master

Clients can email me session to be Mix & Mastered for a fix price. 

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(Flat Rate)

Recording Session

This Service is per hour it include a Recorded, Mix&Master bounce mp3. file of song record in session.

  1. Record:    Focals of artist performance and specific attention towards vocal cleaning and level                                     adjustments.  

  2.  Mix:       Focus point on your mixing process (volume, balance, effects, tricks etc.) 

  3.  Master:  Focus point on your mastering process (volume, eq, balance, finalization etc.) 

  4. Return:   Than we name track and send it as bounce Mp3.  320k bit | 44.1 khz. 

(Hourly Rate)