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The BlackSmith

My tittle page was made from sounds I made using a synthesizer and Both Logic Pro X and Pro Tools was DAW's  used to the develop these sounds and Wwise is the soft wear I used for the implementation of the sounds to Unity software to play in The Blacksmith Demo game.

Preview: The BlackSmith Demo Reel

This is my professional sound designer demo reel showcasing skills in linear and nonlinear sound design for media. All sounds made in both media and game play was created; mix and Implemented  by Drae Humphrey. This included  Floy, Sound effects, ADR/Dialogue. and Ambiance

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Foley where made by using items in my house. that was blended together for example I kicked a washer machine, and shook a tool box then walked on the cement, dirt and wood floors to  create the player foot steps sound. The scene in the cinematic video where the player was holding the ring for the sound I steered a metal spoon in a glass cup and rub a pair of leather gloves together these are just two examples of how I created my foley sounds.


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