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Studio Policy

Booking Appointments:

Clients must book an appointment with an engineer online.  Any additional service(s) can be paid by card(we do not accept cash) upon arrival if there is any availability to provide adequate service. You will run the risk of time being unavailable for additional work on walk-in appointments. Walk-in appointments have additional fees. 24 hours is the minimum time block for a recording session and paid by card before arrival. All reservations will require a 100% deposit via credit or debit card. Our required 50% deposit policy no longer stands.This is place to protect the engineer’s schedule and ensure payment - this guarantees your session will be held and ensure your time is blocked for your production. The 10 hour packages require 100% paid in full before recording sessions can begin. Your sessions can split into different days upon agreement with your engineer’s schedule.


Rescheduling Appointments:

Client who have a deposit have the right to move their time within 24 hrs without penalty of losing their deposit. You will be allowed to move your appointment to another date and time. After the 2nd reschedule will require a new deposit. It is the client’s responsibility to call or send an email as tangible proof of communication. If you or your management fails to contact our offices within 24 hrs of your appointment our engineers will show up with the expectation you will be arriving. Our engineers will still be paid for their time which is then non-refundable.


Call, No Show:

Clients who have multiple no call - no shows must understand we reserve the right to deny any service for a full year from your last appointment. This applies to booking recording session & mixing sessions, beat production & classes. You will still be allowed to send in files for mixing or mastering which must be paid by emailed invoice. If we feel a client does not  respect our standards we still reserve the right to deny their files.


No Smoking, No Drugs & Drink Responsibly:

Our locations is a non-smoking environment. You are not allowed to smoke in the front or side of the building as stated in our lease. We uphold the standard to maintain a drug free - family friendly environment. We do recommend smoking in your vehicle before your session. Smoke breaks are not included in your paid time, please be mindful of your time block. Drinking under the age of 21 is not allowed in the building. Please drink responsibly. No drinking games allowed, mature consumption is fine. Use of any illegal drug is not allowed in the building. For your safety and the protection of our studio you will be to leave the studio if you appear to have a drug or alcohol impairment. The local authorities will be contacted if you fail to comply with our 1st warnings.


Location Etiquette:

We value having a neat work environment for your sessions. All employees must keep a clean work station. We ask our clients to throw away all trash in garbage cans. Outside of the studio please keep the noise level down to your inside voice out of respect for our neighbors. There is no running, jumping, horse playing, screaming, or fighting allowed. You will be permanently banned from our studio if you do not comply. Sessions that have more than 3 people attending please let us know ahead of time to prep hosting your guests. The goal is to make everyone feel at home!


Recording Guidelines:

During your recording session, we focus solely on your tracking process (vocal/instrumentation), meaning there is no mixing nor mastering during this paid time. The reason is so we can properly organize your files since the mixing/mastering are a different production process than recording. There may be a chance you will be assigned a different recording engineer based on your needs. If you decide to cut your time short and request to begin mixing, the recording session will be stopped and the engineer will begin to set up a mixing lab. You will still have to pay for your mixing session separately according to our current rates. Unused times does not transfer over into other production, there are no exceptions. You must send your music files to the email address of your engineer the day before your appointment to avoid using your time to have the session prepared.


Mixing Guidelines:

During your mixing session, we focus solely on your mixing process (volume, balance, effects, tricks etc.). Meaning there will be no recording nor mastering during this paid time. The reason for this is so we can work from an organized session’s files since the recording/mastering are different processes than mixing. There may be a chance you will be assigned a different mixing engineer based on your needs. If you decide to cut your time short and request to begin recording over the mix your session will be stopped and the engineer will begin to set up a recording session. You will still have to pay for your recording session separately according to our current rates.  Mixing invoices must be paid in full before we can begin mixing music . Invoices paid in full will receive to 3 revision of the completed mix and any traditional revision are subjected to small fees.


Mastering Guidelines:

During your mastering session, we focus solely on your mastering process (volume, eq, balance, finalization etc.). Meaning we do no recording nor mixing during this paid time. Typically this is not a fast process and could require the ears of multiple skilled engineers. We do not book appointments for you to come in. There may be a chance you will be assigned a different mastering engineer based on your needs. These rates do not transfer over there are no exceptions. Mastering must have a 100% deposit before we can begin on your music.


Refund policy:

There is no refund for fully delivered services. In the case that our work is not properly delivered because of computer errors we will offer you a time to reschedule at no additional cost and subtracting the time used. You have the right to deny and request a refund. This process can take up to 30 days based on your payment method and bank. For mixing, mastering, or beat production, we understand you have goals to get the best quality music which is why we offer reworks session. If you leave your session unsatisfied and we determine we did not fill your needs to the best of our ability you will be issue a refund. This is to your engineer’s discretion. 100% deposits are refundable up to 24 hrs before the 1st booked appointment and beginning of service.


COVID-19 Studio Restrictions:

In order to make everyone comfortable and for the safety of you, us, and our communities we have set some safety guidelines - first and foremost:

All clients coming back into the studio for the first time since the pandemic will need to sign a waiver in person and will agree to submit to a non-contact thermometer test before entering the building. Anyone who does not consent to this will not be allowed inside.

Additionally all of the following rules must be adhered to at all times without exception, as we have implemented a zero tolerance policy on the following.

  • You must wear a mask at all times in the studio except when in the recording booth.

  • Your engineer will have a mask on at all times to protect you, the artist.

  • Only the artist or artists who are recording will be allowed into the studio during a session.

  • Hand washing/sanitizing must occur immediately upon entering the studio.

  • All current CDC guidelines must be followed by both client and engineer.

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